Execute Python scripts with input()

I will go to visual studio, its much better

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If you request help from that community, they will thank you if you keep in mind what I’ve told you about specifying what you are trying to do and avoiding creating excessive duplicate posts. :slight_smile:

Use https://atom.io/packages/atom-python-run
It allows for input, then requires you to press a key to terminate the program so you can see the end result of a print command.

Best way I have found is here:

go to settings and click “Open Config Folder” you instead navigate as follows:
.Atom→ packages→ script→ lib→ grammars–>python.coffee

Then, you edit that file in the “exports.Python =” section by replacing both instances of “python” with “python3”

I’m just a begginer in python (and programming in general) but I think the best package to rosolve the problem is atom-python-run, here I post the video that helped me a lot: