Exec files

How to open and edit exec files in Atom?

I do not know but I can make some guesses having played with LilyPond in Atom some months ago.

Does *.vipreset come from here …


If so, then MusicXML format is mentioned. Your file is only 8kb in size so as a guess I would try changing the extension from *.vipreset to simply *.xml and see if it can be opened as xml file.

Meanwhile you might study the lilypond packages in Atom.

Yes, it’s exactly that, a file from Notion.
So, I only have to change the end? great! thank you!

didn’t work…

It was a guess … but reading here

I would try changing file extension to *.zip then unpack and you might find an xml file therein.

You might want to ask how to open those files on a forum frequented by people who use Notion. Your question has nothing to do with Atom because the answer will apply to any text editor. If it’s a plain-text file in disguise or is an archive that contains a plain-text file, then Atom can read it. Otherwise, you need a program that knows how to decode that particular file type.

Once you figure out how .vipreset files are encoded, if they aren’t text files, then you might be able to look at writing a Node module to decode them. This will be easiest if there’s an open-source codec available somewhere, but for proprietary software that isn’t always the case.

I will try again there. thank you.