Excluding files from Atom packages


Is there any way to exclude a list of filetypes from being included in Atom packages, similar to .npmignore? I understand apm is a wrapper around npm, so I believed it’d behave the same way if I included an .npmignore file. No such luck.

I ask because I help maintain the File-Icons package, and I noticed the custom icon-font’s source has grown over 600 KBs in size. This file is only of interest to contributors who wish to add new icons to the package’s font, so short of isolating it to another branch (or repo), is there an easy way of preventing it from inflating the package’s size?

I didn’t think this would be a problem back when the package had only 30 custom icons, but now it’s accumulated 286. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks! =)

Update: Okay, make that 288. Have included Csound and dBASE.


No, there currently isn’t a system for this. There is an open Issue here:


Subscribed. Thanks!