Exclude folders from open suggestions?


if I type command-P and type a file name, I am also given (useless) suggestions from my .sass-cache folder. How can I exclude that folder, or others like it?


You can use the “Exclude VCS Ignore Paths” setting:

If you check it, anything in your project’s .gitignore file (or inherited from a global Git ignore, should not show up in the fuzzy-finder list.


The fuzzy finder uses both the core.ignoredNames and fuzzy-finder.ignoredNames config settings to filter out files and folders that will not be shown. If you have a project with tons of files you don’t want it to search through, you can add patterns or paths to either of these config settings

Opening a File in a Project of https://atom.io/docs/v0.196.0/getting-started-atom-basics


I saw that. But I’d like to have my bower_components show up in the tree menu, and it looked like this checkbox might exclude it from there as well. Looks like it’s OK though…


So, you can use fuzzy-finder.ignoredNames


Use where, exactly?


It’s in the settings for the fuzzy-finder package


The Exclude VCS Ignored Paths option does not seem to be working. Fuzzy Finder and Find/Replace still show files from my .gitingore pattterns.


Are you opening the root of the repository? See:


Yep I am. Must be it. The .gitignore is in my project directory but it must not pick it up.