Exclude certain files from Tree View ignore


With the Tree View package, its easy to hide ignored files and VCS ignored files.

####How can I exclude certain files from this ignore?


I still want have access to files like those contained in node_modules, ( to know import paths, inspect package ReadMes ect. ), but I don’t want to check them into git. Since they’re not checked into git, I cant inspect those packages because they’re hidden by Tree View.

Is there a way I can exclude certain names from the Tree View ignore?


You can always focus the Tree View and press I to toggle showing or hiding all ignored files in the Tree View.


You can also go to the Tree View package settings and uncheck the “Hide VCS Ignored Files” setting to always show things that are ignored by Git.


@leedohm thanks for your response.

I know about the “Hide VCS Ignored Files” setting and I want to hide my vcs ignored files. I just want to exclude certain ones, like node_modules, bower_componets, jspm_modules, env ( python virtualenv environment ), as a rule.

Is this just not possible in the current iteration of Tree View?

Also, thanks for I toggle tip.


I’m sure with a package or perhaps even some code in the init.coffee it would be possible. However, it is not a capability that is built-in to the Tree View, no.


Anyone have a solution here? This seems like really core stuff, and Atom makes it seemingly impossible.

Really simple use case: I want folders such as node_modules ignored, but I also want to be able to edit some of those files without having to open a different text editor (config/database.yml).

I tried building a package to try solve this better, but it got stuck due to the absense of some core features. https://github.com/jacquescrocker/atom-ignore


It seems like VCS Ignored Files should only pay attention to the .gitignore in the root project directory, but this is not the case. If a root project folder is excluded by a .gitignore in any of its parents in the filesystem, all of its contents are counted as ignored. This could be changed so that you can add a directory within somewhere like node_modules/ as an additional root folder and thus “unignore” certain locations for editing purposes.