Exchange large amounts of information between electron windows


Hi everyone,

I am trying to adapt an original chrome app to a new Electron app. One thing I am stuck is that I was using several windows to show different content, both for user usability and because the interface run smoother this way.

In electron I have given up in doing so since it seems that different windows are really isolated, and my attempts to share information have failed apparently because this information is too large.

As such I have gone back to display that info in one single window and in div’s that I can move (as if they were windows). But now I see that the movement is not smooth at all, and that the application gets unusable when I start displaying graphs.

What can I do? I am using Electron as a way to pack in an .exe file my Chrome-based application, but now I don’t know what to do.



You can use the sessionStorage object to store info (up to 5MB) and use it from any window.
Have you tried that?


I didn’t, I see that it has to be JSON-transformed

And my object has functions.

I guess that this is the way to go, but that would imply a remodeling of my object. Is it really that there is no simple way to create a window as if you create a div? Some kind of implementation of “secure” windows that can share everything with their parents?


Also to add, I don’t know how I forgot, but I expect my object to be above 50Mb so I guess this is not my way to go.

Thanks anyway!


Ah well, I don’t know either then. Maybe someone else…?


Since electron gives access to the node.js modules, could you write a node module to solve this?