Excessive resource use


hi, I was using Atom for quite time for now, but today it started to take too much resource, like you can see in the picture:

any ideas why?


btw I’m using Thinkpad x220


Normally such behaviour points to some add-on package.
Which grammar were you busy with and which package were running at the time?


I have only default packages… I only write plan text, when I minimize Atom CPU usage is 0. At start it’s like 100% of CPU used for Atom.
When I disabled all language packages I finally get 0% CPU usage by Atom. So probably those packeages suck.


For which purpose is Atom loaded on your machine? Is it to write plain text files?

Deactivating core packages that are not going to be used, sounds to me as not a bad idea. I have very many disabled on my PC without ill effect. But a caution in what is not critical for use.