Example of Atom integrated into a dotfiles setup


I am interested in seeing examples of how people have integrated Atom (namely, the stuff in ~/.atom) into their dotfiles setup.

Keep Atom Customizations in Dotfiles
Version control config + maintain package list

You can see this repo https://github.com/kevinsawicki/dotfiles


I see that @kevinsawicki doesn’t have the userid keys for either metrics or exception reporting in his config.cson, but I do, so I’m kind of hesitant to version it. Would it matter greatly if these were public?



I discussed this a bit on the following two issues:


What’s the best way to handle packages? Checking .atom/packages into my dotfiles would be kind of gross. I’d constantly have to commit changes any time a package updated itself. I guess I was expecting config.cson to have a list of installed packages or something?


Here’s a couple suggestions …