Everything is Greyed Out


I had a look round the discussion threads and couldn’t find an answer to this. Sorry if it’s been asked before. I’m quite new to coding so solving this problem is a bit beyond my abilities.

I downloaded Atom today and it was working fine until I closed it and reopened it. I’m using the One Dark UI theme and the Sublime Default Syntax theme but every page appears like this.

Does anybody know how to fix it? Thank you!


Does this also happen for other syntax themes? And if so, does it happen in safe mode (i.e. starting Atom with atom --safe from the command line)? I’ve seen this happen, but only when I was hacking on a package and did stuff terribly wrong…


Were you hacking your own styles.less file by any chance? As @olmokramer says, this could have had a negative impact, since changes in there apply immediately once you save the file.


It doesn’t happen with other themes and it doesn’t seem to be happening with that one anymore either so I’m still not sure what the problem was because I didn’t actually do anything to fix it.
Thank you for the help!