Every time I run Atom it shows Welcome & Welcome Guide



I have 1.15.0 (macOS 10.12.4) version, I’ve deleted ~/.atom/ directory since then every time I start Atom it shows Welcome & Welcome Guide as below

I’ve tried to fix removing it again, along with:
~/Library/Preferences/com.github.atom* plists
~/Library/Application Support/com.github.atom.ShipIt* plists

running it with below arguments
atom --clear-window-state
atom --save

Nothing helps, it allways open with split pane and two Welcomes


Notice the checkbox that says: “Show Welcome Guide when opening Atom”.

See also How do I make the Welcome screen stop showing up?.


I have the same problem - Atom shows the welcome screen every time it starts up, even if I have previously unticked the checkbox that says ‘show welcome guide’.

I am using Atom 1.26.1 on Windows 10. My computer is managed by my work IT department and the policies they install sometimes set my HOME to a share drive (H:) instead of the usual (C:\Users\jamesd).

I find that setting HOME=C:\Users\jamesd before I open Atom fixes the problem: the welcome screen only gets shown the first time (once I untick the little checkbox it doesn’t appear the next time).

I know you are on macOS and not Windows, but perhaps you have a similar problem?


This is happening to me as well on Atom 1.26.1 on Windows 10.