Every single file I open opens in new instance of Atom

Everything was working great, until a few days ago when the “Toogle” stopped to open automatically and now everytime I open a file with Atom, it opens a new instance, which can be pretty annoying when I work with a lot of files at the same time. I don’t know what happened and I can’t figure out how to make it work.

Could anyone help me with that ?



I’m facing the same issue here. I’m using macOS Mojave (10.14.4)!!!

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:wave: There’s an ongoing discussion about 1.36.0 launch behavior here: https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/19147 Subscribe to that issue to stay up to date on progress and decisions.

The short version is that, for now, you can add a project folder to your Atom window (File -> Add Project Folder…). Once your window has a project folder, paths within that folder will open in the existing window as before.

We used to do this for you automatically when you opened a single file, but it caused serious performance issues when you’d try to edit a file in a large directory, like your home directory.


I’m facing the same issue here. I’m using win10

Thanks ! I didn’t know all that

Hi. I open files from ftp in atom. Each time a new tab opens, it is annoying. And the error “Uncaught TypeError: wrapGuide.updateGuide is not a function” appears.
And not working search…

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What package are you using for FTP? Do you have the wrap-guide package enabled? If so, try turning it off. If not, try turning it on.

(By the way, when you have a brand new question you should probably start a new thread. Don’t do it now because I’ve already responded to you, but keep that in mind for next time.)

I have downgraded to atom v 1.35.1 and it works, but this bug is very annoying and I’m thinking to switch to another editor

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As detailed in the GitHub issue linked above, this is not a bug (it was made that way on purpose, so not a bug by definition); it’s an interaction that wasn’t thought through thoroughly enough given the number of people with use cases that the new behavior causes trouble for. You can participate in the discussion on that issue.

Ive had this same issue and now it wont stop. im seriously considering changing IDEs because I cannot get anything done without this popping up.

We just merged a pretty major overhaul of our launch behavior that will address this:

Atom will still avoid automatically adding a project directory, but it will more aggressively re-use existing windows (especially those that have no project root directories). It’ll be included the next time we release, which should be soon.

Sorry for the hassle :bowing_man: