Establishing communication channel between web application and electron application


I was going to spike electron for our team usage. I am from Test Case Management Team which enables developers/testers to file rich bugs while exploring the product. We already have a Web application which helps in collecting video, images of web apps. We wanted to extend it for desktop applications. We wanted to create a data collector exe which can interact with native code and transfer the data back to our web application . We were thinking of creating data collection exe in electron but wanted to know the right communication channel we can establish between our web app and electron app. Can some provide pointers here. Are there any examples where we have established communication between electron app and web app ?


I’m not seeing a use-case for electron here. I think you could accomplish what you want using just nodejs, but I don’t know enough about querying non-node processes to help you out on that front. In what technology are your standalone apps running?


I was going through some electron apps and found that electron-capture able to record desktop screen, microphone etc. Hence got tempted towards electron which is capable of capturing most of the data collectors which can be used for filing rich bugs.
I also wanted to call some native dlls from electron which can be done using native node modules. But once the data is collected i want to send the data directly to the web application which helps users in filing rich bugs. I was planning to launch the electron app from the web app using protocol handler in windows but not sure how in other OS.

For transferring the data back to the web app from electron app i thought there should be 2 ways:

  1. create a server in electron and transfer the data .
  2. Transfer the data directly from electron app to server.

Can you please provide other ways or any example.

My application is an MVC app . We allows developers to file rich bugs in the system. I wanted to leverage that for allowing the users to file bugs for their desktop applications which can be in any technology. Since we need to capture some desktop related events hence wanted to create an electron app which can collect the desktop related data and send back to our Web app.

Can you provide any examples doing it.

Mainly i needed a guidance on establishing communication between my web app and electron app which can interact 2 way.


I haven’t gotten to use it yet, but Seneca sounds like a great microservices kit to allow apps to speak to one another.