Eslint doesn't work


Some problems occurred when i updated it today, it took me a long time but couldn’t resolve them. hope you can help me out.

1.Menu folder’s color changed and there is a new line
I am not used to these changes…

Before update

After update

Eslint doesn’t work
In the past, i installed “linter” and “linter-eslint”
the editor could remind me according to “.eslintrc.js”
But today after i update Atom, installed “linter” and “linter-eslint”
When i open Atom, it remined me to install dependcies, when i installed linter-ui-default, it remind me to install another dependcy .[crazy]. it just doesn’t work!
why is this and who can i fix it ?

I woulb be appreciate if you could help me out, thank you!


The linter package has been upgraded to 2.0, which introduced the changes you saw (don’t know about the tree-view stuff). One big change is that user interface has been split into a separate package (presumably someday you’ll be able to pick from multiple UIs). In order for linter to work, you need to allow it to install the linter-ui-default package and a couple of packages from other projects. Or you could use APM to re-install version 1, but then you’d miss out on later improvements.


Thank you so much, i have solved this problem the other day.