ES6 Package Generator and Guides


I’m not a fan of CoffeeScript and I don’t have significant experience either but I want to write some packages for Atom since I’m using it as my text editor for coding.

I know there’s some discussions about choosing CoffeeScript as default programming language and I know one can choose to write packages with plain JavaScript/JSON or even use ES6 for it with the “use babel” keyword.

But I wonder if its possible to have/create a package generator and its correspondent guides for those who want to use ES6 to develop Atom packages?


It is definitely possible. There is an open issue here:

You can subscribe to it for updates.


I’d say a package-generator-es6 package sounds like a useful thing for someone to tackle.


That would be great, but this issue has more than a year from been published. Is there any real interest in creating this ES6 package generator?


I’m not sure I can answer that for anyone but myself. I’m sure there are some people that would like it to happen. I’m not sure what you would consider “real interest” though?


I’m sure this is the kind of thing that gets used once it is there.
While Coffeescript is the official language for Atom, interest in ES6 is bound to pick up now that it is officially adopted as a standard.


I have been trying to understand the code of the generator to realize if I can write a version for ES6 by myself with a little success, let’s see if I can come out with something before the end of times.


Any success with an ES6-package-generator?
I see a JS version is currently under review: