ES6/ ES7 Support



I’m new to electron development and would love some pointers!

Does electron support using ES6/7 features without the use of a transpiler?

Should I be using a task manager like gulp for prebuild / precommit hooks to make sure my repetitive development tasks are never skipped?

Are there any other useful tidbits of info you could share with me that you wish you knew when you started?



If you’re developing with Electron 1.6.2, you’re using Node 7.4 and Chrome 56.

So anything you can get away with inside that version of Node and Chrome should work fine in Electron. I use ES6 features in my projects and haven’t run into an issue yet.


Electron doesn’t supporting the ES6 features in my developing environment.
node -v = 8.9.0
chrome -v = 62.0.
electron -v = 1.7.9

it showing the err message "syntax error : Unexpected token import "