ES6 autocomplete like ctags


I am starting to learn JS and ES6 using the module pattern. I would like to know if there is an atom package to autocomplete the methods or properties of an ES6 class or JS when, for example, I reference the ES6 class in another file. I know JS is a dynamic language so autocompletion is usually not a case.

I have read about ctags and saw a package but I have not yet tried it. I would like to ask first if there are preferred ways that most people here do?


Have you already tried ternjs?


Yup. It did not have an autocomplete for methods that I have in my javascript. It only provides autocomplete for the js framework codes and jquery I think.


It should actually provide what you’re asking… Maybe you could file an issue on their page? (I am assuming we are talking about the atom-ternjs package)