Errors by submitting electron app in windows store

we have errors by submitting of the small electron-app in Windows Store. We did all steps from

We have the following errors:

  1. Package acceptance validation error: The PublisherDisplayName element in the app manifest of Gundlach.appx is Reserved, which doesn’t match your publisher display name: Reifen Gundlach GmbH. -> in electron project i have set the publisher name

  2. Package acceptance validation warning: The following restricted capabilities require approval before you can use them in your app: runFullTrust.

Can you help us to resolve this?

Have you resolved these issues?

The first problem is easily solved by ading the next line when you create your appx application

Real example:

electron-windows-store — input-directory C:\MyElectronApp\dist\win-unpacked — output-directory C:\MyElectronApp_Appx — package-version — package-name MyElectronApp — package-display-name ‘MyElectronApp’ — publisher-display-name ‘MyElectron DestopApp’ — identity-name MyApp.MyElectronApp -a C:\MyElectronApp\Resources\ --publisher-display-name <publisherDisplayName>

The second problem is just a warning, not an error, you can still send your app with that warning.

The line is

--publisher-display-name <publisherDisplayName>

Somehow the editor doesn’t show my answer as I expected, it hide the line above.