Error with syntax colouring


A lot of my code seems to have changed colouring/theme (I don’t really know what to call it) and it is very irregular. It was completely fine yesterday and then I shut down and re-opened my files today and the colouring is off.

Screenshots are attached of before and after on a section of my code. I know it is a little thing but I really would prefer that it is fixable. I have already tried reinstalling atom and the main theme I use is One Dark.

pictures of error


Atom v 1.32.0
Windows 10



What happens if you toggle this:

Maybe some info here:

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Ah thank you that worked, I really don’t recall toggling that though. How odd.


The toggling of that parameter is not your fault. Perhaps give this blog a quick read:


Thank you! Unchecking Tree Sitter Parsers fixed this for me. I tried a reinstall before this and it didn’t fix it, makes sense why now since it’s a default setting.