Error with JSHint

Hey guys. So whenever I’m trying to write some js code these pop-ups appear… I’m new here, so anyone can help me with what should I do? Thankyou!

I’d start by taken a look at errors logged to the console, exactly as suggested by those messages

I already did, the thing is I don’t get what’s the problem…

And there’s also this:

I’ll reccommend you to move to ESLint

If you’re reffering to linter-eslint package I already have it installed. Should I just uninstall linter-jshint ? If not, please explain further, beginner here. Thanks anyway!

Do you have installed jshint package? I tried in Windows and it works fine.

If you want to use eslint you need to install fast-eslint as the eslint package is deprecated. With this one I get an error that says it doesn’t find the config file and that’s okay bcecause I don’t have any.

You also should use one linter, just try a few days one and then try the other and choose the one fits better for you.

I got these 4. Which one should I keep ?

  1. linter provides the base functionality that tracks the lints. It doesn’t display anything, just manages the data from the providers. Keep it.
  2. linter-eslint hooks up eslint to the linter package. Keep it.
  3. linter-jshint does a similar thing, but is older and replaced by linter-eslint. Remove it.
  4. linter-ui-default is a UI for the linter package (default because it’s the one to use unless you have an alternative linter UI). Without a linter UI package, you won’t be able to see the actual lints. It is this package that manages the gutter icons and squiggly lines. Keep it.

Thanks a lot guys!

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