Error with electron-oauth2 "GitHub no longer supports your web browser"


We’ve been building an electron application that uses the electron-oauth2 library to authenticate with GitHub. Today we stated getting this error: “Please note that GitHub no longer supports your web browser.”, and the authorization button is greyed-out.

I believe electron relies on Chromium for this? Versions I’m working with:
“electron”: “^1.6.11”,
“electron-oauth2”: “^3.0.0”,
“electron-prebuilt-compile”: “^1.6.11”,
“nodegit”: “^0.18.3”,
`-- chromium@3.2171.3008

I’m new to the forum - any feedback is much appreciated.


The issue seems to have been resolved, though we haven’t identified the cause. I’m not sure if this was resolved on GitHub’s end, or if we unwittingly fixed the issue with a push to master.