Error with drupal linter and phpcs


Maybe it is simple question, but I’m newbe in atom.
What does it mean: Error: “phpcs” �� ����� ����७��� ��� ���譥� ��������, �ᯮ��塞�� �ணࠬ��� ��� �������� 䠩���.
This is appear when I’m saving php file.

How can I fix it?


Do you have your system set to a language that uses a different alphabet?


Yes I use a Cyrillic symbols.


You should probably file an issue on the linter-drupalcs package. They may not be handling the encoding of the output of the drupalcs tool correctly. The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.


It might help with troubleshooting if you changed the language to English temporarily while you reproduced the error. Right now, it’s impossible to tell what the exact error is.


I changed the main system language, but the error didn’t disappear.


I work with windows 10


The problem has been solved by changed the version of php. But it doesn’t explain an encoding problem.
Thank you.