Error while installing Atom

Hello all,
When i am installing atom 1.41 on my windows 8.1 64 bit os , it throws an error saying,“Update has stopped working” then installation stops working,
although my os is updated and all other exe files working smoothly.
please support…
thank you .

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The assumption is that the automatic update process has failed. An aggressive installation procedure could be followed, as suggested below.

Backup of current configuration

  1. Open Windows Run Command ( Win R)
  2. Execute the line:
  3. Make a backup of the following items:
packages (folder)

Delete configuration

  1. Navigate to folder:
  2. Delete the .atom folder.

Forcably remove the Atom installation

  1. Open Windows Run Command ( Win R)
  2. Execute the line:
  3. Delete the atom folder.

Make a fresh installation of Atom

  1. Download a fresh version from
    Note AtomSetup.exe (32-bit) vs AtomSetup-x64.exe (64-bit) to suit your flavour of Windows.

  2. The file-hash of the current version is shown below.

Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

D:\>Get-FileHash AtomSetup-x64-1.41.0.exe
Algorithm       Hash                                                                   Path
---------       ----                                                                   ----
SHA256          7B1CA4D7521BFBB581F7A8A599A63C7E8F1EB221AD895059A4D6CFB912134777       D:\AtomSetup-x64-1.41.0.exe

Test the bare installation

  1. Open Atom and test its functionality.
  2. Make sure the base installation is working.
  3. Close Atom before proceeding to the next phase.

Restore backup

  1. The configuration and package files that were backed up earlier, can be restored. Simply copy the backup files into the folder
  2. Note: The backup files will override files that were newly created after the installation.
  3. Open Atom and test the functionality again. Focus on the customizations and configurations that were restored.


See also the manual at:
The manual does not include the (aggressive) deleting of the application as suggested herein.

Alternative install a portable version. Instructions are:

thanks @snoop for your suggestion,
but sad to say , it still throws same problem…

There cannot be added more that this without more feedback.
For example:

  • Did Atom work on your PC at any time?
  • Which installation did you use?
  • Where did you get the installation?
  • What is the size (file-hash) of the installation you used?


  1. Do not use Atom.
  2. Give more feedback and wait for an expert to reply.
  3. Use an older version of Atom; deselect auto updating.
  4. Make a portable installation (link provided in earlier response).

Using a portable installation would be my choice.

bhai same problam hai
agr solution mile to bta dena please

Use the instructions: