Error: VCS: 'git' client


When I try to compile I get the following message.

LibraryManager: Installing LiquidTWI2
Error: VCS: ‘git’ client is not installed in your system.

I have not been able to figure out how to correct this.
Some help please.



What are you trying to compile, exactly? Are you using an Atom package to compile code? Do you have git installed on your computer?


Compiling: Marlin 1.1.8 firmware for a 3 D printer.

In the latest version the following is included:

lib_deps =
Adafruit NeoPixel
build_flags = -I $BUILDSRC_DIR -fmax-errors=5

The reference to “https” has never been included before and I have been able to compile them. I thought I did have ‘git’ installed but apparently it is installed incorrectly or it’s installed at all.

Yes I am using the Atom package, downloaded from the web site.


Yes, but which package are you using? platformio-ide?

What happens if you open the command line and use the git command?


When I open Atom there is a PlatformIO menu, but I’ve never used it.
Nor have I ever used the git command.
There are icons for compiling and uploading.


PlatformIO includes functionality for compiling code for embedded platforms, such as printer firmware.

Nor have I ever used the git command.

I need you to use it now and tell me what the computer tells you in response.


Ok, I don’t know if I’m doing this correctly but when in Atom, I push ctrl-shift-p and enter git it returns c:\users\don\github. On the desktop I have icons, GitHub, Git Shell, GitHub Desktop and Git Bash. Git Shell and Git Bash returns a list of command options.
The other two open up a repository. Is that what you needed?


If you have installed GitHub Desktop, then you should have git installed.

I want you to open cmd.exe and type git. Don’t use Git Bash, because we want to check if programs outside of the ones installed with git can access it. If it works, you’ll get a help message.


Damned thank you very much for your help.
It turns out that I had an old version of Git and I have upgraded it now and it started working. Sorry about my lack of knowledge I will work to improve it.
thank you