Error trynig to git clone - unable to find helper for 'https'


Hello everyone! Sorry to disturb you but I’m having some trouble cloning a git repo in atom and have not been able to find a solution doing searches online.

I have a repo setup online in my github account, and in atom when i go to make the command git clone and enter the url, I receive this error:

Cloning into ‘/Users/ct/github/cit260’…
fatal: Unable to find remote helper for ‘https’

I was able to get this to work on my Win10 laptop but am having this trouble on my Mac. Please help me understand what I’m doing wrong!

Thank you in advance.


I don’t know anything about how Atom uses the https module in the cloning process. I feel like it shouldn’t be necessary, but maybe someone who knows more than me will pipe up and school me. You might try reinstalling Atom (on the basis that the failure seems to be in interacting with a core Node module inside Atom), but if it continues to not work, then you’ll have to use other options. If you don’t want to use an external program like the Terminal or GitKraken, you can use a package like process-palette to set up command line instructions that you can trigger from within Atom.


I didn’t quite understand everything you said there (some of it was just over my head), but I removed the s from https and it’s working. Is this something I should be concerned about?


If it works without https, then it’s fine and the problem is solved. In addition to using Atom to handle your git repositories, I’m of the belief that everyone who works with version control software should know how to use the basic commands from a command-line environment. git has very good (but not especially newbie-friendly) documentation, while GitHub’s help files are very easy to follow but don’t give you all your options.

For future reference, in case you need it, this is how you clone a repository from the command line:

git clone

You can also tell it what folder to land in instead of cit260/:

git clone projects/cit-260

The graphical git client GitKraken is also very useful. Atom’s git integration doesn’t allow you to do everything that the CLI can do, but GitKraken does.