Error Report window

Hi, my errors currently appear like so:
I would like an organized line by line report window which highlight lines that have bugs when I click on the errors. What can I do?

The package you are using has complete control over how the errors are displayed. Your options are to shop around for other packages or write your own. I don’t know of any that do what you want, so you may be on your own. The error message does tell you what line the errors are on, though (line 18, starting at characters 21 and 36), so you don’t even have to move your mouse over to the error box in order to find what the issue is.

I know it points out the line but it would be more convenient for me if I could actually avoid that manually (locating the line). Sublime goes a long way in localizing the error right below the line. Something like that, but thank you.

If you don’t find anything that works, you can always write your own package for Atom that does things exactly the way you would like for them to be done. :slight_smile: