Error pushing atom Syntax theme. Pushing tag failed


I’ve read many similar topics, but can’t fix my problem.
I created a new syntax theme in Atom using the Generate syntax theme command.
Then I uploaded it to github:

Then in my cmd window I located my package:
and wrote apm publish minor
Error message:
> Preparing and tagging a new version done
> Pushing v0.3.0 tag failed

Then only the package title shows up at under packages, and not themes.
Did I do anything wrong?

  • Is the remote in your local Git configuration for the GitHub repository named origin?
  • Is the branch that you’re publishing from named master?


Thanks! I’m not sure why but it helped, I guess it was the local Git configuration.
In GitHub options I changed Clone path to C:\Users\Eirik\github\waffel-colorblind-dark-syntax and also ran the cmd from there.