Error on start up


I’ve used aom for sometime, but today I get the error below on startup, atom --safe launches, but, does that mean I have to use atom in safe mode forever?

    at new Parser (/Applications/…:333)
    at LessCache.module.exports.LessCache.parseLess (/Applications/
    at LessCache.module.exports.LessCache.cssForFile (/Applications/
    at LessCache.module.exports.LessCache.readFileSync (/Applications/
    at (/Applications/
    at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.loadLessStylesheet (/Applications/
    at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.loadStylesheet (/Applications/
    at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.requireStylesheet (/Applications/
    at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.reloadBaseStylesheets (/Applications/
    at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.loadBaseStylesheets (/Applications/
    at new AtomEnvironment (/Applications/
    at module.exports (/Applications/
    at setupWindow (index.js:87)
    at window.onload (index.js:41)


Did you recently make a change in your styles.less file? If so, you could try changing that back? If not, have you installed or updated some new package?


No, just the last time it started it took too long to start up, so I force quit it, then tried again, n I get the errors above, I’ll try deleting everything about it and install it fresh
I’ve never edited the styles.less


You may also want to try launching Atom from the command line with atom --clear-window-state.