Error messages in Window message box obscured. Can I redirect them?


I’ve created my first Electron app - it works great. Next, I’ve created the Windows executable using electron-packager.

However, when I run the executable, a message box pops up titled “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process”.

The problem is, the file paths in the messages that follow all get truncated to fit the message box, rendering them useless.

Is there some other way to get these messages? Can I redirect the messages to the command line / terminal somehow?

There has to be a better way to debug my way out of this situation.


Since it’s based on Chromium, Electron includes the Chrome dev tools console. Have you checked to see if the error is appearing there?


Additional to what was already said…

The message body can be selected and copied:

  1. click on the 1st character of the body text
  2. hold click and drag
  3. click-drag, aiming for the end of the body text
  4. the text “moves” to make it possible for you to select all the text
  5. (Windows copy:) ctrl-c
  6. (optional) cancel the displayed message
  7. go to an empty text editor page
  8. (Windows paste:) ctrl-v