Error loading list of themes and packages


When opening Atom, and going to the settings, I’m getting the following error when trying to find / display installed themes and packages:

“The system cannot find the path specified.”

Any ideas how I can fix this error, and get Atom loading and listing packages properly?

Running apm from the command line works, and I can list & install themes and packages from here.
I’ve uninstalled Git, Python and node and reinstalled.

apm -v shows

apm 1.0.1
npm 2.5.1
node 0.10.35
python 2.7.10
git 1.9.5.github.0
visual studio 2013

Running windows v8.1


Did you install Atom to a non-standard directory?


…or perhaps move the .atom folder after installation?


This was a standard installation.

I had a bit more of a look at this, and the issue appears to be related to something called “node-gyp”. I just can’t get this installed, and I spent hours on this.

Looks like it’s No Atom For Me.


node-gyp is responsible for interaction with build tools, such as Python and Visual Studio libraries.
Most cases like this turn out to be a problem with one of those two.

What’s your Visual Studio edition, Desktop?


I have both Express 2013 for Windows Desktop and Express 2013 for Web installed, and these are fresh re-installations to try and fix this issue.


Can you post your actual command line output, so we can see the full error stack?


Top image is the error.
I’m not sure now how I tracked the issue to node-gyp, so maybe it isn’t a problem with node-gyp.


Here’s the error I get rebuilding node-gyp


Are you behind a proxy or firewall by any chance?


Not that I know of.
I’m behind a standard Consumer level Cable Modem.


Well if this works, and you’ve got all the dependencies installed it seems, I’m not sure what else to try.
You did try and re-install atom entirely, I presume?

If no one else has an idea here, it’s worth opening an issue on the repo, to see if anyone there has seen this before.