Error Installing ELECTRON in Visual Studio NPM



I want to try electron. So, I started via Visual Studio.

Created a NodeJS console app, and tried to add the NPM Electron 1.4 package. Once I do that, an error related with the 260 character limit appears.

What can I do to work around this?



You might want to just download Electron manually and do that part outside of Visual Studio.


Have you taken a look at the getting started video in the FAQ?



I have look into the getting started video, but that doesn’t solve the problem…

It’s not compatible with Visual Studio NPM Extension? We have to do from outside Environment?



I don’t know anything about the Visual Studio NPM extension. You would have to ask whoever built it.

Given the video’s instructions and Notepad, you can build an Electron application. So my recommendation is if the environment is preventing you from doing things that Notepad can do, then perhaps getting outside of the environment will be a better option.