Error: Incorrect number of arguments for command 'test'


I’ve been using Atom to build to various targets using haxe/openfl - it was all working fine until I tried to build an android version, which failed with the error:
Error: Incorrect number of arguments for command 'test’
build failed
I was then unable to build to any target (same error each build.)
The issue with the android build was caused by not having the correct dev kit installed, I’ve now done this, and successfully built an android (as well as other targets) via the COMMAND LINE.
Trying to build via atom still fails.
Can anyone direct me as to how I can reverse/fix this?


What package are you using to build things in Atom? Atom doesn’t provide this feature out of the box. You may want to ask the author of the package if anything changed recently?


I’m using the lime package, which hasn’t been updated.

I did update the command line tools, but I’m not sure if that would affect atom.

I can successfully build the project directly through the command line, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the packages.

Is there any way to get more verbose errors in the log?


I rolled back the versions of openfl & lime - and, typically, that fixes the issue. Thanks for the response, will notify relevant authors.


@leedohm - is there any way of telling what Atom is trying to do here?
(I’ve passed the error over to the authors, this is a query from them).


I don’t know, you haven’t given me enough information to go on. All you’ve really said is that things build fine via the command line but don’t work when trying to build inside this package in Atom. What command is the package running that’s failing?


I’m sorry, I don’t know…

I’m guessing the command that’s failing is test - but I don’t really know anything much about the way that Lime or OpenFL (nor Atom for that matter) works.

What information do you need, I’ll try my best to find it?

Also can I put anything into the project.xml (or the .hxproj) which will display more verbose errors?


Can you @-mention me on the Issue that you opened with the package authors? That way I can get both sides of the conversation rather than you trying to shuttle messages back and forth? :grinning:


You’ll have to excuse my ignorance/inexperience/etc. I’ve been liaising with the authors of openfl (& lime), not the atom packages…

I think the best person to speak to is @jeremyfa who created the support for openfl/lime in atom.

I’ve submitted an issue here: