Error including js file in html


filename.html and filename.js are in same folder…I want to include the js file in the html but the ouput shows failed to load resource…don’t know why…help need…


We are not mind readers. We cannot see what you have done. Please provide steps to reproduce and screenshots of what’s happening.



this is happening


What do you see when you hover your mouse over login.js? Are you using a server to host this page?


yes…I am using a server for hosting this page…and when I over mouse on it and click it…it’s blank


Maybe I find a solution for it…but new problem occurs…Screenshot%20from%202018-02-12%2012-41-58Screenshot%20from%202018-02-12%2012-42-16


Looks like it can’t find mongoose.

Snarky response aside, is there a reason you are not simply using require("mongoose")? I don’t know anything about what you are doing or what the mongoose module is, but the require function should be resolving the path itself.


If you hover over a file name in a console message like that and don’t click it, it should tell you the URL where the browser thinks the file should be.