Error in SCP connection


Hi there,

I just installed the ATOM app on my MAC.

I have also installed the Remote-Sync package
When i’m trying to set a config on a folder, i always get an error :

Error: Received exit code 127 while establishing SFTP session
When i try manually, it’s working fine.

Here is my Config :

“logger”: {
“title”: “Remote Sync”
“uploadOnSave”: false,
“useAtomicWrites”: false,
“deleteLocal”: false,
“hostname”: “10.x.x.x”,
“port”: “2222”,
“target”: “/home/myUser/”,
“ignore”: [
“username”: “MyUserName”,
“keyfile”: “/Users/myMacUser/.ssh/id_rsa_ssh_production”,
“passphrase”: “MyComplicatedPassPhrase”,
“watch”: [],
“transport”: “scp”

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:



The first step to figuring out what’s wrong will be to try a different package (like atom-commander) and see if it works. If it does, then this is likely a bug with remote-sync. I’m assuming that your config file isn’t actually missing a closing } and you just pasted it in incorrectly. Is that correct?


Thank you for the reply.

I get the same error… 127

About the code pasted, yes it’s partial copy/paste. It’s just to show you the configuration used.


I don’t know why you’re having a problem, but both remote-sync and atom-commander make use of the ftp and ssh2 modules, so if you see the error on both packages, it’s likely that the actual problem is with a module. I have no idea how to figure out why it’s an issue when your computer’s SSH client works fine.