Error delete files and directories in path UNC (Windows)


Hello everyone,

With Atom 1.7.2, I can create files, create directories, but I can not delete them from Atom. This only happens on UNC patchs. The permissions are correct.

Message: “The following file couldn’t be moved to trash”

Thanks you so much.



Atom refuses to permanently delete files, so if it can’t figure out how to move it to the trash, it will not delete the file. If I remember correctly, there isn’t a “trash” concept for UNC paths on Windows? This would be why and expected behavior, if so.


Hello leedohm

It is true what you say. Sorry.

is there any way to delete it permanently from Atom?

Thanks you



No. If you want to have a permanent delete solution, I understand there are packages on that offer that.


If anyone is interested, the package is permanent-delete.

Thanks you so much for your help.