Error compiling Less stylesheet (font-awesome)



I just downloaded the latest Windows release(v0.186.0) and when I tried installing Linter, I get an error saying that it couldn’t find ‘…/node_modules/font-awesome/less/variables.less’ Does this font automatically come with Atom still?


I just figured out part of my problem. I’m trying to install Linter manually, by unzipping the file into my ...\Users\...\.atom\packages Our company has pretty strict security regulations, and I was just able to get them to approve the downloaded for Atom and Linter, but we have to download everything through OLEX, which points us straight to the zip file. I’m guessing that doing the regular apm install linter installs the font-awesome So my question is how do I install Linter manually from the zip?



  • unzip the folder in the linter zip that contains the package.json file in ~/.atom/packages/linter
  • try running apm install inside the .../linter directory
  • if that fails, you’ll have to download the dependencies listed in .../linter/package.json manually and place them in .../linter/node_modules/<dependency> (and the dependencies of those dependencies etc. until you have them all)


Thanks olmokramer. I’m going to try and work with our workstation team and security team for an exception to let Atom have outside access, but more than likely it’s not going to happen. Having to install these packages manually is going to be more of a PITA, because I’ll have to open up a ticket for every dependency that a package needs. My fingers are crossed, but I’m guessing workstation and security are not going to give me an exception.


What you could also try is installing the package on another machine, one that has full access, zip up the packages directory, get that zip approved and then unzip it on the target machine