error : cannot spawn git or cannot spawn ssh


I’m new to Atom (I used to use giteye before) and try to connect it to our companies git repository.

the repository is available at something like :
authentication is done with ssh key

versions used :
Atom : 1.24.1
Electron: 1.6.16
Chrome : 56.0.2924.87
Node : 7.4.0
OS is windows 10

After installing Atom, I opened the project folder of my giteye project, which worked fine.

When trying to pull from the repository, I get this error :
“error: cannot spawn git: No such file or directory”
When trying to push to the repository, I get this error :
“error: cannot spawn ssh: No such file or directory. fatal: unable to fork”

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, like a missing git- or ssh-setting or package, …
I looked trough the preferences but couldn’t find a setting related to the ssh-connection or authentication keys.
I also tried searching for the above error messages but couldn’t find any related help.

Thanks in advance for your help,