Eroor running flake8 and pycodestyle

I don’t know what to do !!
OS :Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Screenshot from 2020-07-27 10-59-20

The error message (in red) seems clear.

In Ubuntu if you have Synaptic Package Manager installed you can search pycodestyle and tick this and other packages such as flake8 to install.

I installed both of them and every package i need to code in Django but every change i make ,this errors !!
installed by terminal
apm install “package-name”

It seems to be a common problem getting Atom and Python packages to work together. Here is a recent discussion on similar lines. If you use Search at top of this page and search python path you will see more threads.

Launch a terminal in Atom and see if you can run Python and check if your packages are recognised. If not you need to read about getting them on the same PATH. Then they can sing from the same hymn sheet.

I can run a python in terminal
i can run python codes that i write in the file but changes make errors