Epic brake when opening a file

  1. I rename the folder ~/.atom to reset the application settings
  2. I open this file in an atom
  3. Atom freezes 3+ minutes

Is it possible to somehow get rid of those freezes? :slight_smile:


It turns out that line 526 is exceptionally long because itโ€™s an entire script packed into one line. The easiest solution would be to cut out everything between those <script> tags and put it in a separate JavaScript file. Another solution would be to use atom-beautify, which will break up the script into multiple lines as well as indenting the entire document. You can also copy the code to another document, set the language to JavaScript, beautify it, and copy it back in.


It seems to me, a serious instrument should not impose restrictions on the way to work with the code and its formatting.
I conclude that the atom - the โ€œrawโ€ tool is not suitable for real work :frowning:


Very long lines can cause performance issues. It wonโ€™t be a problem except for that lag when you open it, but Iโ€™m offering solutions to get rid of the lag.

Plenty of people do real work on it.


I also work in Atom now. But I think back to Sublime Text
Permanent Atom lags and a slow start (I turned off all unnecessary plugins) is very annoying.