EOFError on input function


I’m running Atom on a Mac. When I run a simple program that calls for keyboard input, I get an “EOFError: EOF when reading a line”.

Here is my whole program:

sc = input (“Type”)
ab = str(sc)

When I run it, I can’t get past the first line of code without getting the EOF error.

BTW, the program works perfectly in IDLE.

Any thoughts?


The package you’re using to run your code likely isn’t set up to handle input.


The package I’m using is atom-runner. Is this package not able to handle input? If it isn’t, is there another package I could use?

Thanks for the input.


You could install a terminal promt such as platformio-ide-terminal and run the program from the command line it provides inside Atom. This is more convenient than a normal terminal, as a single shortcut will open the shell to the current directory.

The package is standalone, and does not require any of the other platformio packages (or IDEs of any kind).


Not to my knowledge. I recommend checking out the terminal packages, as @Aerijo suggested.


Thanks for the advice. I installed the platformio-ide-terminal, but when I open it, the shell opens in my Desktop directory, and not the directory where the program is kept.

Is there some setting configuration, in this program, that I need to set for the terminal to open in the proper directory?

Thanks again.


Open the platformio-ide-terminal settings (under Settings -> Packages), scroll down to the Working Directory setting, and set it to either Project or Active File.