EOF ERROR (solved)


I am completely new to the programming world and i want to learn the programming language “Python” i have no previous back ground connected to programming and so ia have ran into a situation that I cant make heads or tail of. Its something called EOF error, i got it when i was trying to write these simple set of instructions. can you help me find the problem?


The problem here is that atom-runner doesn’t have support for receiving user input. The Python interpreter is giving an error because it’s not receiving any valid input. I think script-runner might suit your needs better.


Thanks for the quick response but when ever i try to install script runner it says the installation fauled. Im on windows if that helps. Im lookin into it myself i’ll see if i nmcan get ut working


Other options: I could help you try to troubleshoot the script-runner installation, or you could try a package like termination and do it entirely on the command line, which is as easy as typing python test.py while you’re inside the C:\Users\DELL\Desktop folder (side note: you should probably not keep your code files on your desktop for the sake of tidiness, but put them in a folder and open the folder in Atom).


Well I was eventually going to change the location of the folder but we have a more pressing matter at hand. It would be nice if you helped me troubleshoot the problem but i went through the whole internet (exagration) and couldnt find a thing. Also I tryed to use <> signs for basic greater than equation and it presents me with a uncaught exception <class ‘syntaxError’>


Quick question, you seem to know more then me about all the programing thing. Im thinking that you use team viewer and fix the problem?? Only if you are okay with it


This isn’t something that I can fix for you. The problem is that the package you are using is missing the ability to give you a prompt when python encounters the input() function. Because atom-runner can’t give you a prompt (it hasn’t been told how to do that), python isn’t receiving any input, and it stops your script at that point because it can’t continue and you haven’t told it to ignore the error. Look in the atom-runner output above. See how enter whole number is printed right before the error message? That’s because your code works perfectly fine. The breakage is in a place outside of your control, and in this circumstance you will have to adjust your workflow around this particular weakness of this editor having an entirely community-driven, open-source package ecosystem where most of the packages are written by people who are decent coders, but only have so many hours in the day and get paid to do other things. Many packages, therefore, are missing features that might seem like obvious additions, but were not part of what the package author needed when the package was written.

I do know more than you about all the programming thing. More importantly, I know more about all the Atom thing, and I can guide you to the packages you need and learning materials to understand what you can do with these tools. You may need to learn some new things and adjust some of how you get things done, but that’s a part of programming, too. Python and JavaScript are a bit different, but just using Atom as a daily program like I have for the past couple of years can be great for your programming skills in general.


I understand, this community is by far the best I have ever seen. And thanks gor the quick responses, Im not used to them typically i would have to wait for a day or 2 but this was relly quick. I tried installing the termination as you asked me to but that too didnt make a difference, right now im trying to uninstall and then reinstall, in the fourms if found a possible solution but for it i have to ise an rpm file, i have downloaded it but ibdont know what to do after that. Thanks for taking sometime put from youre day to help me!!


Sorry to hear about your troubles. It is unfortunate not have good enough internal tutorial to refer you to for guidance. Atom does not hold your hand on these things.

I’d like to see you continue your journey - even if without Atom.
Maybe look at this: Python tutorial.


What happened when you used it?

right now im trying to uninstall and then reinstall

What do you think that will accomplish?

in the fourms if found a possible solution but for it i have to ise an rpm file

Link? I can tell you it’s wrong. You’re not going to be able to install a Linux version of Atom on your Windows computer.


Well at first when I first ran the termination program and entered python, it worked fine but at the input section I seemed to crash, this was prior to me uninstalling and the reinstalling. When I reinstalled it and installed all the package the termination worked fine but I still couldn’t install the script-runner. Though I did install script but I guess it isn’t the same. And at first had doubt that Tom was for linux but I mentioned it anyway.


But termination works now?


Well yach, it dosnt present me with an error, though i have to input the number in the next row that appears but it still is a step up though i would like if it asked me to input the number after the whole code is complete just to make it look near and i could change it any time. Is there a way to do that or am I just nit picking at this point. Thanks for the help. I am learning through youtube from yk’s channel and so far he hasnt taught about using the input command so im still in the green for now


That’s how the command-line interface for python asks for input.

i would like if it asked me to input the number after the whole code is complete just to make it look near

You have the question in the middle of your code, so Python waits for input before it can execute the rest of the script. That’s one of the rules of the language.

and i could change it any time.

That’s a bit more complicated. If you want an editable text box that updates the value stored in memory, you’re going to need a graphical user interface. This is not something that you will be able to write until you learn a lot more, and long before you will be able to write it yourself, you will know enough to use interface frameworks such as QT, CEFPython, Eel, Django, or Flask (depending on your needs). Right now, you’re not doing anything special, so you won’t get any special display or features, just the standard command line question-and-answer routine.

Is there a way to do that or am I just nit picking at this point.

There’s a way to do anything, but you also have to walk before you try to run.


okay so in conclusion if someone encounters the EOF error and they are tying to run and input command in for example python then the issue is that the the runner is not receiving an input, to solve it one can either install script-runner or termination, and they are good to go. thanks!~