English grammar checker


I am interested in a functionality similar to Grammarly for Atom. I have seen the linter-write-good, but the default functionalities that write-good has are not as powerful as Grammarly (or other similar grammar check feature).


Do you know of any open-source programs similar enough to Grammarly?

Any hope to embed Grammarly into Atom? That would be awesome!
The integration oF Grammarly into web browsers makes it an invaluable tool. Having it in Atom would make Atom a primary tool for authoring.

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Do you know if the source code of Grammarly is available anywhere?

Interesting, languagetool has a free API. There are already two packages for atom that implement it:

I tested the functionality of languagetools via atom and unfortunately it doesn’t come near as close to grammarly, in my opinion. For instance, prepositions check weren’t done correctly:

I am on the bike
I am at the bike
I am in the bike.

In the example above nothing is highlighted.

Hi, Has any progress been made for this issue? I wished to implement the Grammarly plugin to my Atom Editor too.


Do you know if the source code of Grammarly is available anywhere?

Searched for grammarly APIs but found nine, instead how about implementing this https://textgears.com/api/

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That would be possible.

Really good idea :slight_smile:

Is there any updates to this?

There should be no need for yet another plugin. I have run an experiment. I installed the Chromium browser Grammarly plugin and created an account. Now it is easy to “select all” text in the Atom editor containing the document to be grammar checked.

Toggle to Chromium and paste content (in clipboard) into Grammarly document.

I don’t see that it is necessary to sync the Atom content with Grammarly since you should only need to test your grammar from time to time. However, if there is a case for continuous grammar checking, a background script could be devised to “watch” the edited file for changes and repeat the copy and paste process.

I think things changed a bit since the first interactions here. By now grammarly does in fact have an API, that is for example used by GitHub - znck/grammarly: Unofficial Grammarly VS Code Extension