Encoding problem: German special characters at UTF-8 not recognized/miss-treated by spell checking on Manjaro Linux


Hi everyone on Linux,

do you have the same encoding issues, like me?

Version: 1.25.0 dev ef96cc770@Manjaro Linux

The document is set to UTF-8, so Atom should be able to deal with that characters. But it seems not:

  • The spellchecker recognizes the German language. It is not underlining words without german special characters.
  • If it recognizes a Word with a special character, it is underlined. If I chose a suggestion, also the suggestion is wrong formatted.
  • After inserting the suggestion, the text is wrong.

You can see that on the screenshot. I took it from a fresh install.

This happens with new or existing documents, which are displayed right in gedit.

Spellchecking seems in general do not have a problem with German language, because it is not marking text without special german characters.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Atom? The spell checking plugin? Something missing on Manjaro?



Since context menu and the editor use different fonts, could this be as simple as a font issue? Does the umlaut work elsewhere using the system font?


This is known for some time now: