Enable dev package in normal mode


So I’ve modified a few core packages and submitted pull requests.

Since I don’t know when/if those changes will be merged into the repos, I’m wondering how can I use those without enabling dev mode in Atom.

Anyone faced a similar situation?


I’ve never had the problem because I run in dev mode 100% of the time. Why do you need to turn it off?


Well, now that you mention it, I don’t really need to turn it off.

I just assumed that dev mode would be running more stuff in the background and consuming more resources.


It probably slows up starting Atom. For example, it doesn’t use any cache. You will have to see if it is too painful. I haven’t run without --dev in so long I don’t know the difference. I don’t want to know. (grin)


Link them using apm link but without the --dev option. It should be enough to make them available in normal mode.


Hey thanks @abe

And how would I switch back to the default packages (not the ones I have modified) ?


apm unlink in the package’s directory will go back to the default packages.