Enable core package from settings view


Hi guys,

I have installed package which disabled core package in my case symbols view. Problem is that now I cannot enable it using settings view, because enable button simply isn’t there. It is possible to enable package using settings view though.


Have you tried restarting Atom and then opening the Settings View? You can always go into your config.cson and edit the *.core.disabledPackages setting directly.


Hi @leedohm, I am aware of config.cson but I was more curious about package list under settings view. You can enable other packages, but it seems that you can’t core packages, at least some of them.


When I manually disable symbols-view, I can enable it again:

So what is it you see when you go into the Settings View?


@leedohm nevermind I found a problem, one of my experiments gone wrong. You could even remove the topic if you want to. Sorry about that.


No problem, I’m just glad it’s fixed :grinning: