Emulating this Sublime Text styling in Atom


I recently moved to Atom from Sublime Text. Knowing that Atom is extensively customisable in both code and styling, is there a way I can get styling of selected text like in the below screenshot in Atom? I am currently a newbie in Atom and CSS but do know the basics of CSS / LESS.

Not selecting until the end of the line
Highlight only actual characters

Something like this?


I guess you’re looking for a style that sticks to the edge of the text, instead of spreading to the full width of the editor. I think you’d have to rewrite the selection highlight component. Would be neat to do this with an svg instead of a set of divs.


Damn. Considering that I’m rather new to JavaScript / CoffeeScript / Node / io.js I will just deal with it. It would be great if someone would do that though. :smile:
Thanks for the help anyway.