Empty window for some projects

I have been using Atom for a while to manage several projects. Out of these projects, one specific project doesn’t show any contents upon opening. All the other projects are working fine as usual.

When I open this problematic project by either File > Reopen Project or File > Open…, the Atom shows a completely blank window: no panes, no toolbar, nothing, except for the close/minimize/full screen buttons at the top-left corner of the window. (I am using Mac.) See the screenshot below:

I tried to open this project after closing this empty window, but the same empty window opens. As I mentioned earlier, all the other projects are displayed correctly, and in these working project windows, I can do File > Add Project Folder… to show this problematic project in the Project pane.

Any suggestions? I would like to try deleting the Atom preference file, if any, for this problematic project, but I’m not sure where it is.

It does seem like the issue is with that particular project’s saved state - you can clear saved state across all projects but you’ll lose any unsaved data across projects as well:


If that’s ok, I think that will clear things up for the project.