Empty space in Atom window


please, see picture attached. I want to have the space for editor. I have Atom PlatformIO installed on the other PC (Windows 8.1). There is no that pane and more space for text.


I’ve created a FAQ for this:


Thank You. The advice will be usefull later.
I installed the Atom 1.9.0 beta. Very satisfied.
I didn’t succeded, however “selection fold” what is really nice to me. How it works? Some settings?


I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you asking about code folding via the gutter? Or are you asking about the new Fold Selection feature?


Fold Selection feature.


This video was generated using Atom v1.10.0-dev-a5fdf3e on Mac OS X 10.11.5. It shows how the Fold Selection feature works:

You select some text, you tell Atom to fold it and it does. You can then unfold it by clicking the ellipsis control left behind by the folding action.

Does that answer your question?


Thank You. Your response convinced me the function is able to work.
It works when the line selected is or could be with “>” (fold) mark.
Doesn’t works with “some text” selection.


That part of the feature may not be in the v1.9-beta.


Anyway, it works and it’s really good.
I wonder if there are standards, requirements or recommendations concerning text arrangement. Line lenght = 76 (or 80) symbols, labels, tabulations and so on.
I still don’t understand how to arrange indents in order to fold the text in a nice way.
For instance:
if (n3 <= 0x07){dk = n3 << 3; dk |= 0x40; f_ucLCD (dk, rMa2[p2]); p5[p2] = n3;
goto na01; };

is the same as:

if (n3 <= 0x07)
dk = n3 << 3;
dk |= 0x40;
f_ucLCD (dk, rMa2[p2]);
p5[p2] = n3;
goto na01;


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