Empty files on launch



Every time I open Atom, I get this problem where it opens 6 previously existing files. These files are also empty as shown in the attached image link.

I would like for Atom to open up nothing on launch, as I’m frequently working on various projects. A blank window would be better than having to close these 6 tabs every time.

6 Broken Tabs

I have “Open Empty Editor on Start” enabled, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Any suggestions?



First try opening Atom from the command line with atom --clear-window-state and see if the problem persists the next time you open that directory.

If you delete .atom/storage/application.json, it will not open any tabs. If you open Atom with a specific target, none of the tabs you had open before will be reopened. For a more thorough understanding of Atom’s startup logic, see this FAQ post:

You should additionally consider a project manager package, as mentioned in that post.