Empty files (0kb) (content disappears?)


Hi guys,

I’ve been using Atom a few weeks now and I’m pretty happy with it :slight_smile:
However, every now and then some of my files show up empty which is pretty worrying (luckily I make backups).

It seems to happen when I upload my files via FTP (remote-ftp), what I think happens is the uploads sometimes fail (see screenshot) (no idea why) and they end up on my server with 0kb (see screenshot). However I’ve had some cases where the files on my system which I didn’t upload are also 0KB.

Anyone have any advice or an idea on what’s happening?


I don’t use that package so not sure what the issue is but you could report to the package maintainers:

Looks like someone had a similar issue a while back though they closed the issue: https://github.com/icetee/remote-ftp/issues/418.