Emmet wrap with tags is broken


In Sublime 3, I select a block of HTML and invoke “wrap with abbreviation”. I can then enter into the dialog box that appears something like .col-md-6>.row to wrap the selection in 2 nested divs with those classes.

However, in Atom it’s completely broken. See animated GIF:


Have you opened a bug on the Emmet package?

:laughing: Thanks @batjko


Just for reference, I believe this is the issue you have opened on the repo as well:

@leedohm I beat you to it by a second or two.


I have. I just posted here so that others would know and could comment.

In fact, I have traced another issue I posted here to being Emmet-related as well.


When you open a bug on the package, it is best to mention that and link to it in the topic here when you create one … so that people don’t file duplicate bugs. (Or pester you with suggestions to open a bug :grinning:)


I see. No problem I will do that from now on.